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Shanel Cooper-Sykes Biography Bio Amazing Woman

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This is just а quick Bio on Shanel that I did. Here is Bio taken from her website
Shanel Cooper-Sykes embodies the essence of modern-day femininity.
From the flutter of an eyelash to the flip of а skillet, Shanel knows all about being the ultimate woman and doesnt mind sharing the secrets of her success. The multi-talented author, entrepreneur, entertainer, life-coach and motivational speaker flaunts her energetic personality and canny message in many of todays mainstream outlets.
In 2009, Shanels message of women empowerment spread like wildfire with the debut of her book Stilettos in the Kitchen: The Modern Girls Guide to Becoming а Domestic Goddess. A combination of her coaching skills, love for cooking and expertise as а professional make-up artist, Stilettos in the Kitchen teaches women to be sexy and savvy in the kitchen and in their lives. Featured topics include mental, spiritual and physical wellness, beauty care, feminine energy and sexuality, and the traditional roles of womanhood.
Shanels expertise stems from her childhood and Louisiana roots. From а young age she learned beauty and poise from her mother, а professional model. Shanels devout Muslim grandparents instilled in her а strong sense of spirituality as well as а love for the culinary arts. In her early twenties, Shanel followed in her mothers footsteps and began а professional modeling and acting career. Following much success she went on to become а make-up artist to the stars and became а direct marketing sales guru.
She believes traditional gender roles empower women, rather than hinder our forward progression in terms of relationships, careers, and life.
My message encourages women to explore who they are inside and out, embrace the traditional roles of womanhood, and create the life of their dreams, says Cooper-Sykes who will release а much-anticipated cookbook in December 2010. With а bestselling book, wildly popular web series and health and beauty line on the horizon, this domestic goddess is poised to become the next great media mogul of her time.

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