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If youre all too familiar with the morning ritual/battle of trying to tame unruly curls, its time to visit the cult phenomenon, Devachan Salon and Departure Lounge Spa in SoHo. Battling her own crazy ringlets as а child, owner and curl guru Lorraine Massey founded the salon in answer to all wavy and corkscrew girls woes. At Devachan, Lorraine and her CURL-fessional team teach clients how to embrace the coiled lifestyle, with numerous hair services and products for daily styling.

The salons celebrated Deva Cutting technique trims locks both the straight and curly - in their naturally dry state, tailoring looks to each clients individual tresses, and а line of DevaCare, DevaCurl, DevaColor and DevaSun Dryer products ensure your new manageable look follows you home. At the DevaSpa, therapeutic face and body treatments use natural and organic ingredients botanically infused and completely sulfite free! and provide all the tools needed for а rejuvenating and personalized day-cation.

The Menu: At the hair salon, women, men and children benefit from curl support with complimentary consultations, Design Cuts, blow-dry stylings, conditioning treatments, updos, extensions, perms and thermal straightening. The spa offers express, signature and deluxe facials, body exfoliating wraps, glow treatments, tanning, Japanese, Thai and hot stone massages, grooming for the hands and feet, full waxing services and make-up application.

The Must-Have: An essential here is the salons Pintura hair painting. This award-winning and original alternative to highlighting tints the hair without the foil. Options include full head, top lites, tips or escape root coloring. At Devachan, hair is the main focus, and rightfully so, but dont miss out on the Deva De-Vine facial, which uses lavender and chorella extract in а pressure point massage, microcrystal exfoliation and а mint facial masque.

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