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Cheap Natural Body Care for Boys and Girls

-SHARE YOUR TIPS! What do you use?
Please ignore the bad singing at the end. Id spare you all but Im too lazy to re-edit it.
Take care of yourself, the planet, and your future children. Dont put nasty stuff on or in your body or down the drain! Dont undergo reproductive harm just to style your hair! Make smart and safe choices for your health.

I keep saying prohibit when I mean INHIBIT. It was too early in the morning.;

Dr. Bronners Soapbox
youtube. com/watc.
youtube. com/watc.

There are tons of websites full of natural and healthy body care products, many made by individuals instead of big corporations. Big corporations sell natural products, too. but try to smallerize where you can!

For Uncle Harrys products
uncleharrys. com/

For Health info on Coconut Oil as а food:
coconutoil. com/r.
Coconut oil is а delicious body moisturizer. Ladies, your husband wont complain if you smear it on your face at night! You can use it to shave, moisturize and de-tangle dreadlock-prone hair, or use it on your dreds! Some folks use it for deodorant and teeth cleaning, too. If you get too much in your hair, just wash it with Bronners!

Costs for my recommended products:
Dr. Bronners Soap 32 oz $10
Baking Soda $1.00
Deodorant Stone $6.00
Uncle Harrys Tooth Powder 6 oz $13
Coconut Oil $4.00
Total: $34 +TAX and shipping;

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